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Out of Sorrow, Joy is Born Anew

Out of Sorrow, Joy is Born Anew
November 2021

Date: 11/28/21

For too long, I have neglected my blog, and Christmas is almost upon us. Probably time to swap out the pumpkins for the jingle bells.
For us in Waukesha, it is also a time of mourning. The horrific Christmas Parade tragedy affected the entire community. Reminding us that in the midst of joy, there is sorrow, and in the midst of sorrow, there is joy.

2021 had its share of both....

Characters or Real People?  Questions Answered

Characters or Real People? Questions Answered
September 2021

Date: 09/23/21

When I was a child, almost every home had a Reader’s Digest in the house. Most people I knew kept the small little magazine in their one bathroom. That worked great because you could usually “digest” the abbreviated articles while doing bathroom business. My favorite feature was called “The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met.”

Writers recalled unique individuals who stood out because they followed the beat of a different drummer. They seemed to be unbothered about what others thought of their unconventional behavior. In a world of circles, they were rectangles....

What is a Memoir and Did I Write One?

What is a Memoir and Did I Write One?
August 2021

Date: 08/08/21

According to most authorities, a memoir is a true story which uses fictional techniques to engage the reader and make the story more vivid. It focuses on a narrow time period tied together with a theme. String Too Short to Tie meets all the criteria for a memoir, except that I use fictional names for all the characters in the story, including myself....

First Completed Manuscript

First Completed Manuscript
August 2018
String Too Short to Tie

Date: 07/26/2021

For many years, I taught writing to eighth graders as a part of their language arts class. Without going into the weeds of their/there/they’re and all the grammatical rules that seemed important, my mission was to bring out the personality of each adolescent...